"We are so grateful and pleased with the outstanding service we have received from Lando's Boxers, that we will never buy another Boxer from any other breeder."
Kimberly and Chris
Ajax, Ontario, Canada

Thank you very much for such a regal and wonderful dog Sisko. Martine and Stewart



Lando's Registered kennel ships boxer puppies worldwide. With proper socialization and preparation, boxer's puppies travel extremely well.

Information about shipping Boxers

Our boxer's puppies, which are going to fly to their new homes, are not shipped prior to eight weeks of age. During the time that they are with us we take special care to expose them to sounds that they may encounter, get them used to a crate, travel in our vehicles, and overall get them used to the idea of noise and movement. Our boxer's puppies, which are flown to their new homes, ARE NOT SEDATED. We do not believe in sedating young pups. You will find that if properly prepared for the trip, your boxer puppy will be happy and ready to join in with their new family.

Customs requirements

Every country has their own requirements regarding the importation of Animals. Some countries have no quarantine laws as long as certain criteria are met (United States, Canada), while others range from two-week quarantines to six-month quarantines. It is best to check with the government in your country to see what, if any quarantine laws apply before purchasing your new boxer puppy. Typically, countries with no quarantine periods require that you're new puppy has a Vaccination Certificate proving that all required vaccinations have been given as well as a Health Certificate ensuring that the puppy is in good health, free of communicable disease and fit to be transported. Lando's Kennels will provide these certificates, through our veterinarian. Our veterinarian examines each and every boxer puppy.  

Costs of shipping your new Boxer puppy

The costs you can expect to incur to have your boxer puppy shipped: Shipping Crate $50.00 for puppy size and up to $100.00 if purchasing one of our older boxers. These crates are approved by the airline and will properly fit your puppy comfortably.

Airline Freight Charges vary by destination

Approximations of charges (from Toronto) British Columbia, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick $150.00 Florida & California $100.00 Texas$115.00 In some countries there are Customs Fees, which are nominal however, you should check locally in your area before receiving your puppy so that you know you have enough money to pay these charges.

Method of shipping

All or our puppies and older Boxers are shipped by air only. All of our Boxers will be shipped on the most direct flights possible in order to minimize time between our home and yours. This ensures minimum stress for your new boxer. When our Boxers are shipped they are put in durable crates and have water and food available to them. They also have a blanket and a nylabone to chew. The puppies name (if the new owners have named it) is clearly written on the crate in order that airport personnel may use the puppy's name when handling him/her. Extra food is attached to the outside of the crate together with feeding directions for airport staff. Most flights are short enough that feeding in flight is not required however; food is still attached to the crate in case of unexpected delays.

 All paperwork for your new Boxer is attached to the crate. Vaccination Records, Health Certificates are in one envelope, and all paperwork pertaining to the sale of the Boxer. Puppies are shipped with a collar and leash in order to ensure that the family can get the pup out of the crate to relieve itself safely, as soon as possible.

Arranging Shipping for your new Boxer

Once you've decided that you would like a Boxer puppy and that you will need it shipped to you, we take care of the rest. We will let you know the total cost which will include the cost of the Boxer puppy, veterinarian charges, the crate, and shipping. You will then be required to send, via money order or bank draft, the total amount via a method, which will ensure that payment arrives before the date which puppy is to be flown.

 WE WILL NOT SHIP OUR BOXERS COLLECT - WE PAY THE COSTS OF THE AIRFARE AT OUR END IN ORDER TO ASSURE THERE WILL BE NO COMPLICATIONS. We take care of booking the flight at a mutually convenient time (as per the airline schedules and via shortest routing), veterinarian requirements, purchasing the crate, transportation to the airport and paperwork required at this end by the airline. You will be required to personally pick up the Boxer at your end within one hour of arrival. We contact you by telephone to let you know of puppy's departure from Toronto, and ask that you return the favour of letting us know as soon as possible that puppy has arrived safely and that you have the boxer.