"We are so grateful and pleased with the outstanding service we have received from Lando's Boxers, that we will never buy another Boxer from any other breeder."
Kimberly and Chris
Ajax, Ontario, Canada

Thank you very much for such a regal and wonderful dog Sisko. Martine and Stewart


This German breed can trace their roots to the Bullenbeisser, Barenbeisser and Brabanter of central Europe, but it is a combination of these breeds and the British Bulldog who have produced the modern Boxer. The smaller Bullenbeiser and Brabanter was of similar type as the British Bulldog of old times, although it is believed that the German dogs were fawn or brindle, and never any white as the British Bulldog.

About 1830, the white color began to appear in the Bullenbeisser's, due to imported English dogs, especially Bulldog, who were crossed with the already existing German Bulldog/Bullenbeisser types. In 1887 George Alt imported a bitch, named "Flora", from France, and used her in breeding at his home in Munich, Germany. The progeny of this bitch were strongly inbred, and all Boxer's of today can find these dogs in their passage.

Meta von der Passage, a great great granddaughter, of the dog imported from France was crossed with "Tom", a pure white English bulldog. From this litter a bitch named Blanka, also pure white as her father, eventually became the Mother of "Meta van der Passage", who are considered as the mother of the modern Boxer. We can see that much of the blood in the modern Boxer comes from the British Bulldog, as well as the white color. The first Boxer exhibited was "Mühlbauers Flocki", at a dog show in Munich, the same city where the first boxer breed-club was started in 1896.